In home cuddle session with Matt and Josie

Matt and Josie

Josie and Matt are one of those couples that reminds me how much I love capturing couples in love. The minute I walked in the door I was welcomed with smiles, and laughter. Watching these two interact and love on each other almost gave me butterflies (Tristan's the only one who gives me real ones). January 2nd I was able to document them cuddling, kissing, loving on each other, making some AMAZING cookies, listening to some vinyl and goofing around with each other.

My favorite part about in home sessions is how relaxed everyone is. It's just two people in love, wearing their favorite tee shirts, and cuddling with their babe.

Heres to a lifetime of smiles, nose kisses, and happiness to this couple.

I'm going to be real guys, so prepare yourself.

Relationships can be hard, thinking of another persons feelings 24/7 makes it inevitable to confront everything selfish and sour about you. But that is one of the biggest reasons I value photos like these so much. Because it reminds us, it reminds us of the happiness and good times we share. And when times gets tough, and arguments are had, it's the sweetest thing to look back at photos like these and let it melt your anger away. I admit I've done it several times with Tristan. When I feel like I'll "never forgive" him for 'saying this' or 'doing that', I've looked back at our wedding photos and honestly just cried. It reminded me how much I love his bright blue eyes, and the way he brushes the hair out of my eyes when I go to kiss him good morning. It reminded me of his smile when we stood at our alter and committed our lives to each other. The way it felt when we both said I do, my makeup absolutely melting down my face as I happy cried. So I guess if nothing else convinces you the value of photos with your honey, let this.