Liz + Michaels Engagement

Spending the evening with these two was absolute magic.


I met them at a former bride and grooms wedding, and instantly I knew how much I would love them. The way they loved the people around them was heart warming, and their goofiness was infectious.

I showed up to their session to the cutest little pups running around, and two barefoot girls to greet me. I was instantly greeted by the family, and welcomed in like they'd known me for years. Elizabeth had set up a picnic area with blankets, water melon, lemonade, and lots of pillows in the back yard. Seriously my heart eyes were unreal!

Our common love for the well known tv show ‘The Office’ made me cry all the happy tears. Obviously one of the main characters name is Michael, so there was more than a handful of times where I’d say his name the way that Dwight would, after Jim did one thing or another to annoy him. So needless to say the time we spent laughing over those jokes definitely added up.

I’m so thankful to have found clients that I connect with in not only a professional way, but where we’re able to form a friendship. This has been my moto since day one, and I’ve always meant it.

Stay tuned for the wedding photos of these two next June!