Stay in Saturday session with Austin and Danae

People are always asking me, "Why choose an in-home session?"

There are so many reasons I love in-home sessions and why I think you should too. Here are the top 5 reasons why:


  1. There is no reason to spend hours planning outfits and stressing about what shoes will go with that shirt. Because, you get to wear your comfiest sweater, your fuzziest socks, and your favorite ripped jeans you've had since college. Which, allows you to chill out and lounge hard. What a relief! Can I get an amen?!

  2. You and your babe get to do what is natural for you. Whether that is you two on the couch listening to the latest 'Indies Hottest Tracks' on Spotify or cooking your favorite breakfast together, let's freaking do it. I'll photograph you two making pancakes and eggs for breakfast, while coffee is brewing and filling your apartment with that bitter and smooth smell of the new Costa Rican coffee you picked up at the farmers market last weekend.

  3. There will be no awkward or stiff posing. Just you and your babe doing what makes your love unique. So whether that is laying on your bed staring at the ceiling talking about your biggest dreams or playing a crazy game of tag while sliding across your hardwood in fuzzy socks, I am all about it.

  4. No stress about everything being perfect because this is the ultimate relaxed session. You don't have to have all your blankets folded perfectly, or hide your little corner of shoes that are beginning to add up. That is what these in-home sessions are all about; documenting your life and where you are at right now. What better way to capture this season of life than to be in your home, your safe place, in the arms of your babe?

  5. You will look back at these season of life being documented in five years and still get butterflies. You will get to see the way his eyes softened when you told him that new joke you made up last week, as lame as it was, he loved it (or at least pretended, which is what counts...right??). I want to document the little moments that make this current part of your life so special. It will be the sweetest because you'll know that, not only did you look the safest, but you also felt the safest when he wrapped you up in his arms from behind.


Alright, that is my top five reasons for choosing an in-home session this winter. Maybe you are still torn, maybe you don’t think your house is cute enough, or if it is worth the money. I will just tell you now, your house is yours and it is what makes you unique, embrace it. We all invest our money in so many different things in this life. I encourage you to invest it in something that will last for many life times. As a grandchild, I know there is nothing cooler than looking back at prints of my family from years ago, it puts life into perspective.


If you are still on the edge, hopefully these photos of Austin and Danae are all the convincing you still need.

This session couldn’t have been scheduled at a better time. It allowed everyone time to sleep in and wake up to enjoy those vibe worthy grey skies. On top of that, I arrived to amazing music playing, with my favorite Starbucks order waiting for me (16 oz iced coconut milk caramel macchiato). After the adventure I had finding their house it was the perfect gift.

The relaxed couple and I hung out drinking our coffee, allowing me to get to know them better and hear about their wedding planning adventures. This is by far one of the biggest reasons I love my job especially, when there is a real connection between my clients and I. It's my absolute favorite!

Danae was someone I knew right off the bat was my kind of lady, as our music type is the same; weird unheard of artists. With our favorite music blasting we got right to it, taking pictures and creating magic.


As we spent the morning laughing and capturing those in between moments, I realized something, just how much these two love each other. Watching Austin pick Danae up and twirl her around, and the way her eyes lit up when he kissed her neck. This is why I love my job, and love the couples I get to meet. There's no better feeling than knowing you've walked away from a session with new friends, and photos that genuinely captured the emotion of the day.

If you've putting off scheduling one of these sessions, please feel free to email us and see if it's something that would fit you!