Intrepid Workshop

APRIL 28TH, 2019

Minneapolis, MN.

How to shoot more sessions you’re passionate about.


non traditional PHOTOGRAPHERS LOOKING TO CREATE IMAGES THAT CONNECT WITH PEOPLE. People who value the messy moments in life, along with the quiet moments.



TO CONNECT WITH OTHER LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS. To have an intentional, loving and encouraging learning environment.


How to capture genuine emotions out of your clients

Real laughs are best laughs.


We’ll be having lunch + a styled shoot during the workshop. You’ll go home with a full belly and new content for your website and Insta after learning some posing advice learning how to shoot sessions you’re excited about!

guest speaker:

Kenzie Achterhoff

What is the price?

$500 per ticket.

Why do I want to see your pretty face there?

Well that’s freaking easy. I want to see you be the best you possible. When I started photography I thought I could do it by myself, but I was so stinking wrong. After I invested in coaching and attended other workshops, I realized how valuable building relationships + having intentional learning was for my business. And I want you to realize the same thing. I want to see your business strive + see you shooting sessions you’re in love with; almost more than your clients.

How to price yourself for profit



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