We love photography because it allows us to intimately be involved in our couple’s lives. Some of our best friends are people we met because of photography!

We love doing crazy things, and you’ll literally always find us cracking up at our own jokes, or reenacting a scene from The Office or Legend of Korra. We’ve driven through the night too many times to count, we live for the sweet memories, and we honestly don’t mind if we lose sleep over it. We’re proud parents of our babes, Tucker, the Corgi, and Luna, the German Shepherd. We honestly love them more than anything and take them on road trips to hike around the PNW.

We’re passionate about the earth, sustainability, meeting new people, and making life buddies.

We’re based out of Minneapolis, MN, but live in our camper and travel to wherever our sessions take us. 


We believe in exploring 

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 If any of this sounds like a good time to you, we also love getting coffee or a beer with new people in hopes of turning them into new friends.

The best adventure of my life started in 2017 when I got married to the love of my life. Since then, our family has grown by two with a couple of crazy pups by the name of Tucker and Luna. We officially hit the road in 2020 and pushed through a year of insanity to find ourselves where we are today; two young kids living their best lives traveling the country in pursuit of a dream. I wouldn't change it for the world.
If I'm not shooting with Madi, you'll typically find me behind the bars of my Suzuki DRZ, sitting around a fire with some good friends and a good beer in hand, or maybe just lounging around the house with the dogs.

Certified dog dad and official driver in our relationship.    Wouldn't change it for the world.

(aka big-t)

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My love language is cooking a vegan dinner for people I love, and sitting around a campfire into the night. I’m always planning out our next adventure, and you’ll probably get invited on one if we talk for more than 2 minutes. 

I’m in love with long road trips, (lots of) coffee, fresh ocean air, 70’s and 80’s rock music, and the sight of mountains in the distance. You can usually find me binge-watching Supernatural or The Office, riding motorcycles with Tristan, hanging in a tree eating guac, or cooking a new vegan meal. I’m not scared of pushing my limits. I’m not scared to dream big and live for once in a lifetime opportunities. 

I’ll always have messy hair, either a coffee or a local beer in hand, or listening to songs on repeat until Tristan forces me to stop. 

(aka m-dog)

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You can sum our passions up in about 5 words:

That’s the stuff we’re all about.

Life is big and complex, so you might as well grab a beer, head to the mountains, and watch the sunset with people that make you ask the big questions and dig deeper.

We truly believe that living life is making memories.

The following locations are places we would love to visit and explore with other couples. If you can't tell, we’re kind of into crazy stuff. If there’s somewhere on this list that really gets your heart racing, let us know and we’ll make it happen.

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