The photographer who loves the outdoors, drinking beers with good friends, and watching the full moon and stars rise in the desert. All while balancing a full work week photographing couples in love all over the world, and shooting cool shit.

Not your typical cute shit, this is the real shit. 
A line with you in mind.

A clothing line made for photographers. But different.

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Clothing you’ll actually want to wear, with ‘just photog’ quotes in at the forefront of our minds with each design.

The shirts and crewnecks were created with a vintage vibe in mind, and created with the idea that you actually can live in them. 

We have limited sizing, and once it’s gone, it will be some time before we relaunch the clothing at full price.

For those who know they want a crew neck or t-shirt already, we are launching a limited amount of merch at a price we all like a little bit more. 

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